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Welcome to Southway Ford Preowned North

At Southway Ford Preowned North, we shop all over the country, looking for the highest quality, lowest priced used vehicles available. We shop in depressed markets where the vehicle prices are particularly low. Our Market Analysts are constantly watching auto auctions, dealership sites and other "for sale" locations, looking for special bargains. We buy only the best and we can guarantee you a vehicle for hundreds - even thousands less than you'll pay anywhere else.

Every vehicle we stock is priced with a no haggle, no hassle price posted right on our website. Find the vehicle you want and that's the price you'll pay.

Southway Ford Preowned North has an inventory of 300-500 vehicles available every day, with 50 to 100 new pre-owned vehicles coming in each week. We carry most makes and models from domestic and import manufacturers. Every vehicle, with a complete description of equipment and features, can be seen on our website, each with our no haggle, no hassle price clearly marked.

And we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours

At Southway Ford Preowned North, we don't want to just "sell" you a car. We want you to be happy about buying from us!